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To buy safe abortion pill online-

  • Confirm how far along your pregnancy is before you buy abortion pill, as you must be within 10 weeks of gestation to be allowed for abortion tablet procedure
  • Talk to the free online consultation support on our online pharmacy regarding verification of abortion pills or any queries the customer has regarding the pregnancy termination process.
  • Buy abortion tablets online and then plan your pregnancy termination procedure at home. This includes making sure you have comfortable place where you can do the procedure, having a friend with you to support you, make sure you have a healthcare facility or any medical help nearby, should the need occur etc.
  • Take the pills strictly as advised on our web pharmacy or by our online customer support. If you have any additional queries, do not hesitate to contact us through live chat
  • Look out for any signs that you may need emergency medical care, such as excessive bleeding with high fever
  • Confirm successful abortion through ultrasound 14 days later or with a home pregnancy test 4 weeks later [ for accurate results]

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Our objective is to serve as a platform for safe accessibility of abortion pill kits [ includes MTP kit, abortion pill pack and separate abortion medication as well]. We offer unbiased advice and recommendations, keeping in mind customer safety.

One of the vital points of customer safety is information. You need to read proper instructions before your abortion pills.

Remember that there might be different information outside, however, what we offer is the only optimum way of the abortion pill procedure; the one that is approved by the FDA.

Basically you need – 1 Mifepristone pill [ 200 mg] and 4 Misoprostol pills [800 mcg total] *.

*You may need more abortion pills in case of emergency cases. Read MTP kit page to find out more.

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