Ovral L's utilization in treatment of menstrual dysfunction and skin conditions makes it versatile in women’s health care.

Ovral L tablet is a monophasic drug that by design, consist of two synthetically produced female hormones Ethinylestradiol (150 µg) and Levonorgestrel (30 µg). Both of these hormones are derived from estrogen and progestin respectively, and are included in the medication in low doses.

Ovral L is available in two blister packs – 21 days regimen and 28 days regimen packs. The 21 days pack contains all active-ingredient pills; meanwhile the 28 days pack includes additional seven “dummy” pills that only contain in-active components. This 'dummy' or 'placebo' tablets are included for those who want to make a habit of taking the pills every day and do not want to take a seven day gap.

These placebo pills can be identified by their separate color from the other active pills.

Our system consists of continuous loop of hormones, like that of follicle triggering hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH) that operate on the uterus and ovaries. FSH actively thickens the cervical mucus and prepares the endometrial lining for receiving a matured egg or a zygote while luteinizing hormone encourages rupturing of the ovaries mid cycle to release the ovum for fertilization.

Therefore when the Ovral L pill introduces the synthetic hormones into the system, they prohibit the gonadotrophic hormones, FSH and LH which results in preventing ovulation.

Moreover, the endometrial wall is altered to be unnaturally thick and ripe by the synthetic hormones which disallow implantation of fertilized egg. Furthermore the naturally present mucus at the mouth of the uterus (cervix) which usually thins as a result of presence of LH, is instead thickened which impedes incoming sperm.

Yes, many women reschedule their periods in case of travel or other plans with Ovral L tablets. For rescheduling your menstrual cycle with Ovral L –

  • In case of 28 days pack- take all the 21 active hormonal pills, then skip the seven placebo pills altogether and without break start taking the next active pills.
  • In case of 21 days pack – take all 21 pills and forgo waiting for seven days. Instead resume taking the next packs active pills.