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Customers are advised to go through the refund and cancellation policy of the website before making an order. After you have used the website, it will be assumed that you comply with the particulars given on this as well as other policy pages.

No orders will be refunded or cancelled in case of overnight/ express shipping.

When will the customer be refunded?

  • If the product was damaged while in transit, then the customer will be provided full refund, i.e. complete bill amount. The customer can choose to order another product with no added charges. No shipping cost will be charged to the customer if they want new order in such case.
  • In case if the delivery remains incomplete due to no apparent reasons, then that customer will be offered full refund.
  • In case where the delivery remains incomplete due to a natural calamity, no refund will be provided
  • If customer’s given reason for refund is considered acceptable by the admins of the website, then they will be refunded 50% of the billing amount.
  • If customers cancel the order within 2 hours of booking, then they will be viable for 50% of the billing amount refund.
Note – The 50% refund is due to the payment gateway charges which the website has no control over.

When will the customers not be eligible for refund?

  • If the customer provides wrong information regarding billing or shipping address due to which the shipped product is returned back to the website, they will not be viable for refund. They can however, provide re-shipping charges and get the product delivered at the right address.
  • If the product has been returned due to unavailability of the customer, then they will not be offered refund.

Cancellation Policy

  • In case of incorrect customer address, no cancellation will be entertained and the cancellation request will be considered as an invalid one.
  • No Cancellation on products that are already booked or shipped.
  • Cancellation of order will only be allowed if the customer cancels the order within two hours of booking.