• Do not buy Plan B online for abortion or as a protection against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.
  • A pregnancy test must be done if periods delay more than a week of using the product. Plan B birth control is not a regular contraception method.
  • It must not be taken during menopause.

Plan B for women is used in emergencies for preventing fertilization or ovulation by disallowing sperm transfer to meet eggs. The tablet does not let implantation happen by breaking down uterine lining that hold the pregnancy. It is advisable to buy Plan B online, and keep a stock for it so that one can use it when needed.


The Plan B tablet is taken as soon as after unprotected intercourse. It is recommended to consume the pill within 24 hours or maximum before 72 hours. The medicine remains effective better as sooner it is utilized. Consume the medications with water orally. If the tablets are vomited in 2 hours from consumption then repeat the dosage.

Common and temporary side effects experienced maybe nausea, headache, pain in abdomen, tiredness. As the product in question is best birth control for emergency, women normally do not encounter complications.

One can get pregnant soon after treatment with emergency contraceptive. Thus, routine birth control must be restored or introduced soon after the medication use to prevent future pregnancy.

Store the medicine between 20 and 25 degree Celsius. Do not breastfeed when on this medication. Do not buy Plan B online if pregnant, especially not during a pregnancy outside the uterus.