When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test After Missing Period


Learning about her conception is one of the most beautiful moments for a woman. However, for some, it can be a nightmare as well. Learning about pregnancy a little late can be a trouble call especially if the pregnancy is unintended and unwanted. So when exactly should you consider taking a pregtest card and confirming a pregnancy?

A Missed period

A healthy menstrual cycle is usually of 28 days. It sometimes varies from 20 to 35 days. In case women do not keep a track of the menstruation date, it gets difficult to determine if you’re late. If you have had sexual intercourse and do not experience menstruation for more than 40 days, you should consult a doctor at the earliest.

Do not immediately get anxious only because your period is delayed. There may be other reasons behind it such as stress, a changed diet, heavy exercise etc. You also need to monitor the bleeding pattern since one of the pregnancy symptoms includes spotting and light bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. This is due to the placement of egg which gets buried deeper into the uterus during implantation. Contact your physician if you experience such type of bleeding and a positive pregnancy test.


When the egg is getting implanted, it can also result in cramping similar to what you experience during menstrual periods. This is one of the pregnancy symptoms which can be easily misinterpreted by women as an indication of the upcoming menstruation but it never takes place. In such cases, if you know that you had  intercourse before and get the intuitions about pregnancy, it’s always better to get it confirmed.

Feeling nauseous and odd

Sometimes women feel oddly different and the inner body sends messages that you’re pregnant. The nauseous and strange feeling may indicate conception but not always. Confirming your pregnancy is any time a better idea. In fact, nowadays, you can easily find pregtest cards online which help you determine the pregnancy status.

When your breast hurts

During pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone hormone in your body start making changes, as a result, your breasts may feel tender and seem bigger than usual due to blood flow. In such circumstances, the nipples are likely to get hurt with veins under the skin getting darker. All these changes are required to nourish the baby. If you experience any such changes in your body, visit your physician immediately for further assistance.

Again, this symptom does not always indicate a conception, it can also be a result of period getting closer.

A torn condom

At the time of indulging in a sexual intercourse, even if you have a condom for protection, remember that some rare cases have reported the condom getting torn. In case you learn any such situation, you can consider getting a pregnancy test done. Also, it’s safer to buy Ovral birth control pill to avoid any such risks.

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, you can begin further parenting preparations. In case, you are not ready for a baby and the pregnancy is within 8-10 weeks of gestation, you can buy abortion pills and easily terminate the pregnancy at home. So understand your status and carefully take further decisions.

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