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Symptoms of early menopause

Menopause occurs at a certain age. In most cases, after 49 or even stretched to around 55. The current scenario in lifestyle induced diseases has led to several cases where women experience menopause at an early age termed early menopause.

If you end up with an unwanted pregnancy situation in the misled view of early menopause, you can buy abortion pills and administer them to end your early pregnancy.

Detecting early menopause, symptoms are relatively easier as the body goes on through several changes with the ovaries functioning at much lesser pace than usual. Having adequate knowledge on the same would help overcome the problems, while the requirement of therapeutic guidance can also be sought out.

Irregular Periods:

One of the major symptoms of early menopause is the change in the period cycle. In cases where ovaries fail to produce eggs termed as Premature Ovarian failure, periods fail to occur on a regular basis. Often this is encountered even within age groups of 25-30. Ordinarily, a gap of 3-5 days is considered normal, while monthly cycles getting delayed up to 15-20 days needs administration. At times there are cases when the menstrual cycle occurs once in 3 months. In such a scenario, diagnosis along with lifestyle changes is required on priority.

Vaginal Dryness:

With early menopause, the hormones responsible for arousal even decreases. Testosterone and estrogen go for a toss, leading to severe dryness in the vagina. This decreases the sensation of pleasure during sexual intercourse leading to painful sensation during penetration. The walls of the vagina even reduce flexibility due to constant dryness.

Mood Swings:

With a drop in estrogen levels and fluctuating progesterone, severe mood swings disrupts normal behavior. Early menopause in the age group of 25-30 has been associated with anxiety and depression issues. Due to the sudden change in hormonal levels women experience severe mood swings during early menopause. Irritability is also a common symptom arising due to low production of Estrogen from the ovaries.

Low Libido:

Vaginal dryness and decreased testosterone, women tend to have less desire for sexual activity during early menopause. Sexual life is hugely affected with early menopause accounting to women in the 40s.

Unusual sleep patterns/Insomnia:

Melatonin is a sleep hormone induced by the pineal gland for a general and healthy circadian rhythm. When estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate during early menopause, it causes the sleep pattern to disrupt affecting the general well-being of the person. There are even cases of insomnia in early menopause.

Night Sweats:

A sudden drop in hormones can have a profound effect on the body, causing night sweats. They are measured with an irregular change in temperature mostly at night causing the body to sweat and affecting sleep. This is one of the major symptoms of early menopause and requires immediate medical attention.

Early menopause has been extensively familiar within the age group of the 40s. With the decrease in physical exercises and a change in genes, even teenage groups are starting to get affected. Most of the online pharmacy sites offer remedies and ways to check lifestyle to avoid the early onset of menopause

Therefore, a balanced diet is required with adequate physical activities which can boost up estrogen production making the ovaries respond properly to changes that account for age group post 40.


Emergency Contraceptive After A Baby


Emergency contraceptive or the widely known morning – after- pill is a safe method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy when you have unprotected intercourse. However, women usually have a doubt if the pill is safe while breastfeeding. The dubiety is surely reasonable having taken the safety of child earnestly.

What are the elements present in the pill?

The emergency contraceptive pill contains progestin and other hormonal elements which thickens the cervix eventually blocking the sperm to enter and be fertilized, thereby preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

The tablet has to be taken orally with water within 72 hours after having the unprotected sexual intercourse. Do not use this as the alternative of regular contraception method, especially in the period of breastfeeding. Also, the pill does not work if the pregnancy has already been detected. After unprotected intercourse, the earlier the pill is taken, the better efficacy will it show. You can easily find the emergency contraceptive pill online.

The user expected to be aware of the side effects of the pill which are temporary in nature. Nausea, abdomen cramping, sickness, vomiting are some of the side effects of the emergency contraceptive pill. The effects are minor and hence are tolerable for a woman. She need not take special medication unless the side effect is extreme.

Can the emergency contraceptive potentially harm the baby while breastfeeding?

The emergency contraceptive pill or the morning after pill is safe for a breastfeeding woman. You can buy plan B which has progestin elements. The pill does affect the quality or quantity of breast milk, however, it is advised not use Plan B while breastfeeding. If a woman wishes to breastfeed her baby and takes the pill at the same time, she is advised to collect her milk before administering the pill and feed it during the procedure. The woman can start breastfeeding her baby 3-4 days after consuming the morning after pill.

Since breastfeeding women cannot rely on the contraceptive medications during their breastfeeding phase, women are advised to use a female condom or suggest their partner use a condom. Again, the effectiveness of a condom cannot always be guaranteed, keeping a morning after pill with you is a safer choice. It’s better to keep an emergency contraceptive pill handy. Especially because the pill has to be taken at the earliest after indulging into the unprotected sexual activity.

The possibilities of contraception elements passing in your baby through breastfeeding are rare. The pill in other respects is safe to use and does not affect milk in any manner. However, consult your doctor before taking the pill if you wish to administer it and continue breastfeeding at the same time.

Can I have medical abortion 10 weeks into pregnancy?

Expert’s take

Medical abortion cannot be done after 10 weeks or 70 days into gestation. This is calculated from the date of your last menstrual period. Termination of pregnancy using the abortion pills is possible only between the 4th and 10th week. With increasing time in this window, the efficiency of the medication decreases. In fact, towards the 8th week, possibilities are that you may require two dosages of the abortion medication. However, the overall efficiency of these pills is about 94%.

To have an exact idea of whether you are eligible for a medical abortion, it is important to have an accurate estimate of your gestation period.

How many weeks pregnant are you?

There is no way to determine the exact day a woman conceived on; not even formal clinical assessments. Trained medical experts mention that one can depend on the date of the last menstrual period (LMP) to know about the advancement of their pregnancy. Though not exact, the first day of your last period is considered as your day of conception. This is for convenience purposes. Moreover, the implantation also doesn’t follow a specific number of days exactly in every woman.

Women who use ovulation kits also calculate pregnancy from the day of ovulation they suspected. This method will determine your pregnancy to be about two weeks lesser than what was indicated by the previous one.

It is important to be informed that abortion pill kits are designed to follow the LMP method. Many females also face the problem of irregular menstrual cycles. In that case, an ultrasound may be necessary to determine the age of pregnancy by noting developments in the fetus.

The consequences of an early abortion

Pregnancy can be detected earlier than the dates that fall in the abortion-acceptable range. At early stages like these, however, it isn’t possible to differentiate between an intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy. This is because implantation of the embryo is required to determine if it is developing within or outside the uterus. The case of fetus development external to the uterus is called an ectopic pregnancy and is a serious medical condition.

A very early administration of abortion medication may also not have any effect at all. Their mode of action requires implantation of the fetus. And, Implantation takes a few days after conception. The primary abortion pill, Mifepristone works by bringing about decidual necrosis to disrupt the link between the endometrial lining and the fetus. So, if pregnancy hasn’t developed to the extent required for action, abortion will not occur.

What happens after 10 weeks?

Medical abortion at 10 weeks or later is associated with a lot of risks. By this time, the embryo in the uterus progresses to the fetal stage. A strengthened connection is established between the placenta and the fetus. At this stage, a complete abortion may not be possible using just medication. Pregnancy may either develop further without hinderances or the uterus may be left with an unviable fetus that poses risks for an infection.

Medical abortion is thus highly efficient only if done at the right time following the correct steps.








Plan B Birth Control- Complete Pregnancy Prevention

Emergency contraceptive or EC pill are one of ways to oral treatment in preventing a pregnancy. Not all women can however find it effective, especially the ones more than 170 pounds as reported by a research. Otherwise, the medicine is quite successful, and causes a cessation in ovulation, fertilization and implantation thus no conception can happen. If you need a sure shot birth control method, even if you have missed one or had unprotected intercourse, then buy Plan B online a guaranteed medication that brings women surety about no pregnancy.

It is not advisable to only depend on ED, if you want to not get pregnant accidentally or otherwise, use a form of regular contraceptive as complete security. There is a reason by EC is used in ‘emergencies’, it means it is not a replacement to constant birth control, and you must never try to go easy on the medicine. The good results are when the medication is taken within 24 hours from the intercourse, after which in few days you will menstruate, thus marking impossibility of pregnancy as uterine lining will shed, not enabling embryo to implant.

Global Use of Contraception Methods

Access to EC is unrestricted in most part of the world, and some even allow taking it over the counter. In some regions, you still have to produce a prescription, but those laws are relaxing given rising concerns over unplanned and unwanted conceptions. When you buy Plan B, keep two things in mind, the first- you must not be already pregnant, and the second, you need to use it within 3 days from the intercourse or it won’t work. If these aspects are taken care of, the medicine will promise good result. There are certain more requirements and precautions to maintain for retaining best efficacy of the tablet.

Maintaining the Efficacy of EC

While on the medicine and until you do not get your periods, do not consume alcohol or smoke. Both can lessen the feasibility of the medication, and you may not be protected from pregnancy. Also, there are particular medications that may interact with Plan B birth control, so you should not use these when on the treatment. To understand the drug interactions, you may speak to your GP for details. If you think the medicine did not work, as you did not menstruate even after a week, and then visit a doctor for pregnancy test, you may have been already pregnant before even using the medicine or the consumption was delayed.

Use Regular Birth Control if Possible

Sometimes the medicine may not work, and that is just one percent of hundred cases. This is why avoiding regular contraceptive is not recommended. If not on medicines or devices, at least use a condom or some kind of protection against pregnancy. There are several rumors about herbal or fast methods to protect from pregnancy, do not ever utilize these. Only rely on medicines or treatments that are medically recognized and has concise evidence supporting its validity. You do not want to use something that does not guarantee results and face an unplanned pregnancy.

How to Take Informed Decision about Abortion?

After you understand that a complete pregnancy is not what you are looking for, you need to know how to consciously take decision for terminating pregnancy without upsetting yourself. Yes, this can be done, and you can buy abortion pill without feeling crestfallen or regretting your call later. Please read the following conditions and precautions before using the medication to be at your best mental and physical health during and later to the procedure.

Talk to a Counselor or Someone

Feeling jittery or confused and can’t take a call yourself? This is quite normal, and in such event you must talk to a counselor dealing with pregnancy care. If not, then have a word with someone you trust, or someone who is always there to make you see the right way out. It can be mood boosting and supportive to find that someone.

Keep Health in Check

The measure for health check up is something no one must avoid. Pregnancy termination with surgery or abortion pill is not for everyone, though it can be done by majority. Please have a word with a care center and get few important tests done to know which method you are eligible for- the medications or invasive treatment. Once you are sure about what to do, it would take off almost half of the stress.

Look for a Support Group

You are not the only one who is getting a pregnancy terminated, there must be someone going through the procedure right now or have done so in the past. Look for a support group on pregnancy care and termination in locality and hear to the experiences of women who have already ended their pregnancy. Maybe you can connect with them and learn from what they say.

Listen to Yourself

How do you feel after all the talking and tests? Is there anything else you need? Do you have certain doubts or unclear about using abortion pills pack, the experiences etc? Listen to what you have to say, and pay close attention to it. Get clarification for all the questions, and go ahead, only when you are ready.

Know What you can Expect

A reparative yet important precaution- knows what you may encounter during the procedure. Bleeding heavy is one of the events, which will occur to all women getting pregnancy terminated. For some the bleeding is moderate and others, heavier than menses. No bleeding means there is an issue, meet a doctor soon. Fever for a day, cramping, abdomen pain, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, headache is again what you may expect.

Rely and Believe on What you Do

Later to taking all the above-mentioned steps, it is important to believe in yourself and your decision. It is your health and you may be going through a tough or easy time, but ending pregnancy is something a decisive and informed call only you must take. Forget the ones trying to influence or confuse you. Look at how you would be by keeping pregnancy and without that, is it something that you want right now? If not, then be confident to go through pregnancy termination.

How Medical Abortion Attained Importance It has Today?

You are marking the dates to your next period, more so, as you are unsure, if you will get pregnant or not. You so not wish to conceive now, but your periods delay and when you take a pregnancy test, your nightmare comes true. Sixteen years ago, the only legal and safe option to pregnancy termination was a surgical process, and then the FDA of U.S. finally approved medication termination method. Since then, about 1.4 millions females are taking abortion pills MTP Kit to end their unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, and that too by themselves at home.

Around 95 to 98 percent of times, the medication combination can completely end a pregnancy, and in remaining 2 to 5 percent, the pregnancy has to be fully expelled by suction process. There is a three step procedure involved in medical pregnancy termination. In the first, progesterone blocking tablet 200mg is used with water orally, and on second or third day prostaglandins are utilized orally or vaginally, after which in few days the pregnancy is ousted completely. Then the person has to visit hospital for ultrasound pregnancy test.

Getting Safe Medical Pregnancy Termination

If you are at early stage of pregnancy with conception weeks less than 10, then you are eligible for the medication regimen. You can buy abortion pill on prescription, and take the two medicines Mifepristone (anti-progesterone), and Misoprostol (prostaglandin analogue E1). The medicine first blocks hormone progesterone and discontinues fetus life support causing the embryo detach from fetus.

Later the secondary tablets let uterus contractions in so that the pregnancy can be pushed out. During this process, you can expect abdomen cramps and heavy bleeding. Some females experience nausea, cramps, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness, headaches, and chills. But most women think the medicines are still a good choice compared to surgical regimen

It affords them privacy and freedom from application of surgical instruments, hospitalization, expensive medical costs, and relaxation of home atmosphere. It has been found that maternal deaths are more common than pregnancy termination, and sometimes conception is ended because of lack of birth control access and use, especially in underprivileged communities and regions in the world.

Global Status for Abortion Rights

Before the medication procedure became legal, women used to get pregnancy ended by mid-wives and doctors who may not have used a safe tool to conduct the process. Thus, many cases were blotched up and led to deaths. In fact from the time women could buy abortion pills, the death rate among females who undergo pregnancy termination has significantly dropped.

Restrictions to the access to medicines or surgical care for ending pregnancy have only raised numbers to risky and unsafe pregnancy terminations. Most of these events are unrecorded and considered as back-alley terminations. The rights to pregnancy termination are something that is debatable subject across the world. Both the pro-choice and pro-life groups with politicians and law makers are haggling about the topic.

But, women with improper access to the necessary service the ones that are really suffering. There have been times when female bleeding due to complications of pregnancy and health problems were denied to end pregnancy, leading to death of women. The sorrow state of poverty struck zones is worse. Thus, constant efforts to push abortion rights ahead are one of the goals to satisfy reproductive care for females.

Birth Control Methods after Medical Abortion


After pregnancy ending, you can get pregnant in about two weeks if there is a sexual activity. If you wish to prevent pregnancy, then you should take contraceptives. If you have had unprotected intercourse, and doubt you would conceive, then simply utilize Plan B birth control, which acts as emergency contraception. It is recommended to prohibit pregnancy at least for three months from the abortion.

It takes few weeks for the uterus and cervix to heal so that it is capable to support a fetus again with no risk or to a minimum- for a miscarriage. Before using any of the below given methods, speak to a doctor about your health, and only then choose the one suitable.

 1.  Injections: Birth control shots can be taken few days later to the pregnancy termination or on the same day. It will allow staying pregnancy free for duration, later to it you need to take the contraception again to avoid undesired pregnancy.

2.  Oral Tablets: Medication birth control comes at 21 or 28 day course. You must not wait for any longer than a week after abortion to start the medicines if there is scope for sexual activity. The morning-after-pill is an option in emergency situation, so you can buy Plan B online when convenient.

3.  Patches: Like sprays and medicines, you can wear a birth control patch, where the chemicals from product help stop pregnancy over a period of time.

4.  Sterilization: You can get yourself sterilized, if aborted a pregnancy no later than 3 months old. But, the measure is permanent, and you cannot get pregnant again. So think and choose.

5.  Vaginal Rings: If you are not keen on using medicines or other methods, then give a try to Nuvaring virginal ring, which is a birth control medicated product to be put in vagina,. It works similar like contraceptive pills, just that the administration method is different.

6.  Emergency Contraceptive: Taking a birth control regularly will help in family planning. However, sometimes there maybe a fear that a contraceptive did not work, or you miss using one. In such situations emergency contraception is best advice. You can order Plan B for such events so that you have an emergency birth control at hand at the need of the hour.

7.   Diaphragm or Sperimicide: Diaphragm is usually put in the body to cease chances of pregnancy. This can be done later to an abortion as well. Use condoms or spermicides, the most effective non-invasive method of protection against pregnancy. The advantage of this method is, utilize only during intercourse, and then there is no need of it.

8.   Intra-uterine Device or Implants: An intrusive and long-lasting method for birth control is an implant or insertion of intra-uterine device. This method stops mating of egg and sperm and thus causes no pregnancy occurrence. But, it is one of the least recommended options immediately after an abortion.

The mentioned methods to birth control are subjective, and may not suit all. It is suggested that you know which one will work the best as contraceptive for self, before taking any. Get a health check up performed and convey your medical history to an expert and follow doctor’s advice.

What you Need to eat and Drink during Medical Abortion?

By the time you are ready to take the tablets, it is recommended to take a small meal at least before using Cytotec tablet consumption. Also, keep drinking fluids, except anything recommended as herbal or alcohol. You may eat a little during the whole process if there is a need, but in case you nauseate often, then skip solid food, but stick to liquids like ale and fruit juices. If the problem persists for more than 4 to 6 hours, then call a doctor. Maintain the same precaution with diarrhea so that you are not dehydrated.

The main idea is to not pump up your stomach with junk or heavy food. As like any medical procedure, keep your diet healthy and minimum. Stay attuned to what the doctor has prescribed. If you are not sure, just ask your physician, but do not take something that makes you feel at the tip of your throat or too sleepy. This immediately cancels out intake of any recreational drugs, edibles, or other medications.

NOTE: To know which drugs can interact with abortion pills, speak to a health expert. Comfort foods are recommended, and ginger ale for getting rid of nausea. If you wish to know more, do not hesitate. You can always refer to your doctor for additional inputs about suitable diet for abortion.

Diet for Abortion- Being Healthy and Energetic

As bleeding is heavier than normal periods, and you are bound to experience few strong cramps, it is advisable to avoid foods that can maximize the blood flow or cramps. If there is no bleeding after taking the medicines, either it is sign of ectopic pregnancy or that the medicines are not working or fake. To get genuine medications, you may buy Cytotec online but from trustworthy pharmacy.

Bleeding can again make you feel tired and listless, so you can go for ‘mood boosting’ such as chocolate, or coffee. Other than healthy snacking, things you may like to include are comfortable clothes to wear that are not too constrictive, blankets, and something to read or listen to (favorite songs on play-list). Though you may buy Cytotec for medical abortion, they drug itself does not cause mood swings or irritation, the nature of the process may demand for relaxation.

Snacking and Relaxing- The Key to Comfort

While consuming water, assure it is not too cold. Try to include electrolytes, as it will level up the energy. Room temperature food and drinks are more suitable, but you may like to get a hot water bottle and heating pad to soothe the cramps. Addition o towels to sit on with long pads will certainly help soothe the blood draining. If the doctor has given nausea medicine or antibiotics, then take these as prescribed. A good painkiller is Ibuprofen, but do avoid aspirin.

Take ample rest, and eat rejuvenating fruits- like watermelon, oranges, apple etc. Do make yourself a smoothie, or ask someone to help in the process if you wish to have a help over. Keep a thermometer handy to note any fever or chills. It is normal to have a little high temperature for couple of hours, and consuming soup this time may give a ‘good’ vibe.

Mifepristone Abortion- The Medical Way of Ending Pregnancy

  What does one do when facing an unwanted pregnancy, or relatively a pregnancy the female does not want to continue at the time? Either she chooses Mifepristone abortion pill, or pursues the conception for adoption. In the former instance, the person wishes to remove the pregnancy and be free from it, and doing it with medicines is a good method. There is a surgical alternative as well. But, tablets are a way one can do so at home, without surgery, and in complete privacy.

How do Abortion Pills Help?

The medications used for pregnancy termination are FDA approved, though the access to these may differ from place to place, females can opt to Mifepristone online order to get the medicines. The anti-progesterone tablet is usually taken to shed uterine lining, treat endometriosis and other conditions. However, for removing pregnancy, the regimen comprises of not only breaking endometrial tissue but also stopping pregnancy by separating the attached uterus, and now allowing it to further develop.

To get the pregnancy parts ousted, another medicine is taken, which is mainly a prostaglandin analogue E1 known to give uterine contractions. With the help of these contractions the pregnancy particles are simply evicted from the womb, in a way that the user bleeds heavily for few hours or days until the pregnancy terminated, and encounters abdomen pain due to the cramping caused by the contractions. However, the whole procedure is safe, and can be completed in less than 2 weeks.

How to Take the Tablets?

The person utilizing the meds needs to follow the guidelines of intake properly. If she misses or delays a dose, then the results may not be effect. First of all, an oral consumption of Mifepristone200mg is done with water, and then for a day or two no additional medications are had. After which, the prostaglandins are consumed buccally, in a method of keeping all the 4 pills involved under tongue, following consumption of melted parts after half an hour. Each tablet is of 200mcg strength. Overdosing is strictly unsafe, and can give rise to extreme bleeding, headache and other problems.

What Should One Observe?

Now as the procedure progresses, one must keep attention to the effects experienced. There are only 2 to 5 percent chances of the medical regimen to fail, for which surgical termination of the remains is the only option. There is only less than one percent risk where a person gets infected and needs treatment or blood transfusion. Normally, if a person fills more than two large sanitary napkins in less than 2 hours or so, then it is best to consult a physician to check if all is going as expected or not.

What are the Effects and Cautions

Some of the side effects one can experience are headache, fever for less than a day or few hours of taking the medicines, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, tiredness. Few may face emotional troubles such as mood swings, guilt, anger, and fear because the decision of terminating pregnancy may be hard for most, or some. To get Mifepristone online, the female has to be not allergic to the tablet, and only undergo medical abortion in case of less than 12 weeks pregnant. The user must get her health checked before the process to know if she can take the medication method to end pregnancy or not.