How Medical Abortion Attained Importance It has Today?

You are marking the dates to your next period, more so, as you are unsure, if you will get pregnant or not. You so not wish to conceive now, but your periods delay and when you take a pregnancy test, your nightmare comes true. Sixteen years ago, the only legal and safe option to pregnancy termination was a surgical process, and then the FDA of U.S. finally approved medication termination method. Since then, about 1.4 millions females are taking abortion pills MTP Kit to end their unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, and that too by themselves at home.

Around 95 to 98 percent of times, the medication combination can completely end a pregnancy, and in remaining 2 to 5 percent, the pregnancy has to be fully expelled by suction process. There is a three step procedure involved in medical pregnancy termination. In the first, progesterone blocking tablet 200mg is used with water orally, and on second or third day prostaglandins are utilized orally or vaginally, after which in few days the pregnancy is ousted completely. Then the person has to visit hospital for ultrasound pregnancy test.

Getting Safe Medical Pregnancy Termination

If you are at early stage of pregnancy with conception weeks less than 10, then you are eligible for the medication regimen. You can buy abortion pill on prescription, and take the two medicines Mifepristone (anti-progesterone), and Misoprostol (prostaglandin analogue E1). The medicine first blocks hormone progesterone and discontinues fetus life support causing the embryo detach from fetus.

Later the secondary tablets let uterus contractions in so that the pregnancy can be pushed out. During this process, you can expect abdomen cramps and heavy bleeding. Some females experience nausea, cramps, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness, headaches, and chills. But most women think the medicines are still a good choice compared to surgical regimen

It affords them privacy and freedom from application of surgical instruments, hospitalization, expensive medical costs, and relaxation of home atmosphere. It has been found that maternal deaths are more common than pregnancy termination, and sometimes conception is ended because of lack of birth control access and use, especially in underprivileged communities and regions in the world.

Global Status for Abortion Rights

Before the medication procedure became legal, women used to get pregnancy ended by mid-wives and doctors who may not have used a safe tool to conduct the process. Thus, many cases were blotched up and led to deaths. In fact from the time women could buy abortion pills, the death rate among females who undergo pregnancy termination has significantly dropped.

Restrictions to the access to medicines or surgical care for ending pregnancy have only raised numbers to risky and unsafe pregnancy terminations. Most of these events are unrecorded and considered as back-alley terminations. The rights to pregnancy termination are something that is debatable subject across the world. Both the pro-choice and pro-life groups with politicians and law makers are haggling about the topic.

But, women with improper access to the necessary service the ones that are really suffering. There have been times when female bleeding due to complications of pregnancy and health problems were denied to end pregnancy, leading to death of women. The sorrow state of poverty struck zones is worse. Thus, constant efforts to push abortion rights ahead are one of the goals to satisfy reproductive care for females.

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