Plan B Birth Control- Complete Pregnancy Prevention

Emergency contraceptive or EC pill are one of ways to oral treatment in preventing a pregnancy. Not all women can however find it effective, especially the ones more than 170 pounds as reported by a research. Otherwise, the medicine is quite successful, and causes a cessation in ovulation, fertilization and implantation thus no conception can happen. If you need a sure shot birth control method, even if you have missed one or had unprotected intercourse, then buy Plan B online a guaranteed medication that brings women surety about no pregnancy.

It is not advisable to only depend on ED, if you want to not get pregnant accidentally or otherwise, use a form of regular contraceptive as complete security. There is a reason by EC is used in ‘emergencies’, it means it is not a replacement to constant birth control, and you must never try to go easy on the medicine. The good results are when the medication is taken within 24 hours from the intercourse, after which in few days you will menstruate, thus marking impossibility of pregnancy as uterine lining will shed, not enabling embryo to implant.

Global Use of Contraception Methods

Access to EC is unrestricted in most part of the world, and some even allow taking it over the counter. In some regions, you still have to produce a prescription, but those laws are relaxing given rising concerns over unplanned and unwanted conceptions. When you buy Plan B, keep two things in mind, the first- you must not be already pregnant, and the second, you need to use it within 3 days from the intercourse or it won’t work. If these aspects are taken care of, the medicine will promise good result. There are certain more requirements and precautions to maintain for retaining best efficacy of the tablet.

Maintaining the Efficacy of EC

While on the medicine and until you do not get your periods, do not consume alcohol or smoke. Both can lessen the feasibility of the medication, and you may not be protected from pregnancy. Also, there are particular medications that may interact with Plan B birth control, so you should not use these when on the treatment. To understand the drug interactions, you may speak to your GP for details. If you think the medicine did not work, as you did not menstruate even after a week, and then visit a doctor for pregnancy test, you may have been already pregnant before even using the medicine or the consumption was delayed.

Use Regular Birth Control if Possible

Sometimes the medicine may not work, and that is just one percent of hundred cases. This is why avoiding regular contraceptive is not recommended. If not on medicines or devices, at least use a condom or some kind of protection against pregnancy. There are several rumors about herbal or fast methods to protect from pregnancy, do not ever utilize these. Only rely on medicines or treatments that are medically recognized and has concise evidence supporting its validity. You do not want to use something that does not guarantee results and face an unplanned pregnancy.

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