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What should You do if You miss a pill

A missed pill is not a major concern since there are solutions which you can manage on the next day. However, if you have skipped the pill, you may end up getting pregnant due to unprotected sexual intercourse during the week. In such a situation, you can abort it using abortion pills. You can buy online abortion pill to end your unintended pregnancy with privacy and comfort.

When is it considered a missed pill?

If you haven’t consumed the dose for more than 24-26 hours, it can be called a missed pill. Consult your physicians to understand your case.

What should you do if you have missed the pill?

When you buy Ovral G online, you can get a pack of 21 days or 28 days. If you happen to forget to take birth control pill, do not skip the pill for that particular day. Consume it as soon as you notice. If this means that taking two birth control pills, let it be the case. You can continue taking the rest of the pack as instructed and ensure that you don’t miss any pill thereafter.

If you’re on a 28-day pack, which means, everyday pack, you can take the inactive pills as directed. You do not have to use an extra contraception in such a case.

What happens when you miss 2 or more pills?

If there’s a gap of more than 48-50 days in the birth control pill pack, it can affect your protection against an unwanted pregnancy. This also applies when you start a new pack with a delay of two or more days.

What should you do when is 2 or more pills?

You can consume the last pill in the pack. Skipping the earlier pills is not a big issue provided that you have taken the needed precautions for the same. You can continue taking the remaining pack as guided.

It is important here to note skipping more than 2 pills from the birth control pack can affect its efficacy and hence it is advised that you take additional precautions such as a condom for the next 7 days.

In case there are 7 or 8 pills left in the pack, do not leave them unconsumed. Administer all the pills in the remaining pack. For a 28-day contraception pack, you can continue taking the normal seven-day break during the period.

If the remaining pack has less than 7 pills, you can continue taking the rest of the pill and finish the pack. However, do not forget to begin your next pack immediately after finishing the current one.

What if you have had sexual intercourse and missed a pill during the week?

In such a case, you may require an emergency contraceptive pill as birth control pill may not be effective enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.


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Myths About Safe Intercourse and Sexual Health

Safe intercourse and sexual health being the not openly spoken topics, they often become the subject of widely spread myths.

Here are some myths concerning safe intercourse and sexual health which you shouldn’t listen to:

You cannot get pregnant if you have intercourse during your menstrual periods:

The chances of conception while you are on your menstrual periods are the least, although, cannot be ignored. Sperms stays in the vagina up to a week. When you have unprotected intercourse while you’re on your periods and if your menstrual cycle is short, the conception risk cannot be denied.

The morning after pill terminates your pregnancy:

The morning after pill is administered when you have an unprotected intercourse and wish to prevent pregnancy. It can only be consumed within 72 hours after taking the sexual activity has taken place. It contains elements similar to the birth control pill although its mechanism is a bit different. The pill prevents an unwanted pregnancy but does not abort it. The constituents of both the medications are completely different.

You can’t get pregnant in your first intercourse.

This is another rumor which women usually fall for. If you menstruate, you are as likely to conceive as you would do on any other day with unprotected intercourse. If you are pregnant due to such unprotected intercourse, you can buy abortion pills online to terminate your pregnancy and maintain your privacy at the same time.

Birth control pills can lead to weight gain:

Birth control pills such as Ovral G contain progestin element which makes hormonal changes in the body and contributes to preventing an unwanted pregnancy. It does come with some side effects such as mood swings, nausea etc. Although all the minor side effects included are temporary and does not have a long-term impact. Birth control pills do not cause weight gain and are a safe method for pregnancy prevention.

You cannot become pregnant once you take abortion pills:

When you buy abortion pills and administer them as instructed, your unwanted pregnancy will be safely ended with less or no complications. Abortion pills do not affect your future pregnancies or the fertility in any manner. You remain as fertile as you were before, even after taking the abortion pills.

Douching is healthy for the vagina:

The vagina has a self-cleaning system which does not require special douching to get it clean. In fact, douching can harm the vaginal area as the natural bacteria there can be disturbed. This eventually can expose your vagina to infections. Women should know that douching does not help to protect against STDs or pregnancy but makes it easier.

The morning after pill cannot be taken over the counter:

The morning after pill is taken when you indulge in unprotected sexual activity and wish to prevent the unintended pregnancy at the earliest. The pill, if taken within 24 hours works with the highest efficacy while it can be taken within 72 hours. The tablet is available at the local stores over the counter. In fact, you can also consider having a stock with you since it’s an emergency pill. Medications such as plan B are available online at a reasonable rate.

There’s need to openly discuss things such as safe intercourse and sexuality. There are many online pharmacy websites which offer medications while also educating women about sexual health and wellness. Participate in forums and discussions, read about sexual health as much as possible and do not fall for rumors.


Emergency Contraceptive After A Baby


Emergency contraceptive or the widely known morning – after- pill is a safe method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy when you have unprotected intercourse. However, women usually have a doubt if the pill is safe while breastfeeding. The dubiety is surely reasonable having taken the safety of child earnestly.

What are the elements present in the pill?

The emergency contraceptive pill contains progestin and other hormonal elements which thickens the cervix eventually blocking the sperm to enter and be fertilized, thereby preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

The tablet has to be taken orally with water within 72 hours after having the unprotected sexual intercourse. Do not use this as the alternative of regular contraception method, especially in the period of breastfeeding. Also, the pill does not work if the pregnancy has already been detected. After unprotected intercourse, the earlier the pill is taken, the better efficacy will it show. You can easily find the emergency contraceptive pill online.

The user expected to be aware of the side effects of the pill which are temporary in nature. Nausea, abdomen cramping, sickness, vomiting are some of the side effects of the emergency contraceptive pill. The effects are minor and hence are tolerable for a woman. She need not take special medication unless the side effect is extreme.

Can the emergency contraceptive potentially harm the baby while breastfeeding?

The emergency contraceptive pill or the morning after pill is safe for a breastfeeding woman. You can buy plan B which has progestin elements. The pill does affect the quality or quantity of breast milk, however, it is advised not use Plan B while breastfeeding. If a woman wishes to breastfeed her baby and takes the pill at the same time, she is advised to collect her milk before administering the pill and feed it during the procedure. The woman can start breastfeeding her baby 3-4 days after consuming the morning after pill.

Since breastfeeding women cannot rely on the contraceptive medications during their breastfeeding phase, women are advised to use a female condom or suggest their partner use a condom. Again, the effectiveness of a condom cannot always be guaranteed, keeping a morning after pill with you is a safer choice. It’s better to keep an emergency contraceptive pill handy. Especially because the pill has to be taken at the earliest after indulging into the unprotected sexual activity.

The possibilities of contraception elements passing in your baby through breastfeeding are rare. The pill in other respects is safe to use and does not affect milk in any manner. However, consult your doctor before taking the pill if you wish to administer it and continue breastfeeding at the same time.

How To Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy?

How you respond to an unwanted pregnancy determines your future course of events. It isn’t easy but the decision has to be thoughtful and not taken in a rush. Also, pregnancy-like symptoms experienced by women may or may not necessarily show an actual conception result. One should always be assured of the pregnancy status. You need not even go to a doctor if you are uncomfortable with this issue. Instead, buy preg test kit online and confirm your pregnancy.


  • Not using any protection during the intercourse
  • Failure of protection during the intercourse
  • Rape
  • Vaginal contact with semen through other ways

To take a wise decision and deal with the unwanted pregnancy, here’s what you can do:

Discuss it with your partner:

The unintended pregnancy need not always be a worrisome situation. If you discuss it with your partner, you can plan your future events as per your priorities. Not discussing it with anyone and ending up taking wrong methods to terminate an unwanted pregnancy can lead to severe health risks. You need to educate yourselves regarding the possible solutions for the unwanted conception.

Consult an expert:

It’s always safe to consult an expert before taking any decision that can possibly affect your physical and mental health. When you buy abortion pills online, many a time, the pharma websites offer online consultation as well. Hence, before you take any decision, you can always ask such experts and get the needed consultation.

Think twice before you take any decision:

Pregnancy is not just a matter of nine months, entering the new infant in your life can change your whole world while aborting it can give you time reconsider all such things. Undergoing a medical abortion will not affect your fertility. Hence, if you buy abortion pills and end your pregnancy, you can still be fertile and get pregnant again.

If you’re certain on the decision that you do not want a child anytime soon, it is important that you buy Ovral L or similar birth control methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the future.

In case you wish to continue:

There’s nothing to worry about if you wish to continue your pregnancy. You can start taking the parenting guidance on the same. Also, there are many couples who look for child adoption. One option before you can be raising this baby in your womb and then give it a needy couple.

If you don’t wish to continue:

Terminate your pregnancy:
There are two methods of terminating a pregnancy.

  • Surgical abortion:

Pregnancy terminated through vaginal suction or using other surgical instruments is called surgical abortion. It has certain financial and health disadvantages which may be permanent at times.

  • Medical Abortion:

Medical abortion is an easy method of terminating an early pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill pack to get the pregnancy termination drug combination or you can also buy Mifeprex ( 1 pill) and Misoprostol (4 pills) separately. The drug combination makes hormonal changes in your body and terminates the unwanted pregnancy (when up to 8-10 weeks of conception). Medical abortion process is safe which has minimal temporary side effects that go on their own. This is assuredly a safe to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.



When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test After Missing Period


Learning about her conception is one of the most beautiful moments for a woman. However, for some, it can be a nightmare as well. Learning about pregnancy a little late can be a trouble call especially if the pregnancy is unintended and unwanted. So when exactly should you consider taking a pregtest card and confirming a pregnancy?

A Missed period

A healthy menstrual cycle is usually of 28 days. It sometimes varies from 20 to 35 days. In case women do not keep a track of the menstruation date, it gets difficult to determine if you’re late. If you have had sexual intercourse and do not experience menstruation for more than 40 days, you should consult a doctor at the earliest.

Do not immediately get anxious only because your period is delayed. There may be other reasons behind it such as stress, a changed diet, heavy exercise etc. You also need to monitor the bleeding pattern since one of the pregnancy symptoms includes spotting and light bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. This is due to the placement of egg which gets buried deeper into the uterus during implantation. Contact your physician if you experience such type of bleeding and a positive pregnancy test.


When the egg is getting implanted, it can also result in cramping similar to what you experience during menstrual periods. This is one of the pregnancy symptoms which can be easily misinterpreted by women as an indication of the upcoming menstruation but it never takes place. In such cases, if you know that you had  intercourse before and get the intuitions about pregnancy, it’s always better to get it confirmed.

Feeling nauseous and odd

Sometimes women feel oddly different and the inner body sends messages that you’re pregnant. The nauseous and strange feeling may indicate conception but not always. Confirming your pregnancy is any time a better idea. In fact, nowadays, you can easily find pregtest cards online which help you determine the pregnancy status.

When your breast hurts

During pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone hormone in your body start making changes, as a result, your breasts may feel tender and seem bigger than usual due to blood flow. In such circumstances, the nipples are likely to get hurt with veins under the skin getting darker. All these changes are required to nourish the baby. If you experience any such changes in your body, visit your physician immediately for further assistance.

Again, this symptom does not always indicate a conception, it can also be a result of period getting closer.

A torn condom

At the time of indulging in a sexual intercourse, even if you have a condom for protection, remember that some rare cases have reported the condom getting torn. In case you learn any such situation, you can consider getting a pregnancy test done. Also, it’s safer to buy Ovral birth control pill to avoid any such risks.

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, you can begin further parenting preparations. In case, you are not ready for a baby and the pregnancy is within 8-10 weeks of gestation, you can buy abortion pills and easily terminate the pregnancy at home. So understand your status and carefully take further decisions.

Birth Control for the Ladies who can’t take the Abortion Pill

Birth Control for the Ladies who can’t take the Pill

Contraceptives are indeed a great method for birth control. However, women may feel discomfort in undergoing birth control medication with the use of contraceptive tablets. For such women, there are other options as well which efficiently help prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

The contraceptive vaginal ring is one such option which is used by millions of women across the world as a birth control solution while indulging in the intercourse. The method is approved by Food and Drug Administration, The U.S. as an effectual way of pregnancy prevention.

That being said, there are quite a few women who are still unaware of the effectiveness of this vaginal ring. If you’re one of them, here’s guide to solve all your queries regarding this birth control method.

What is Nuvaring?

An alternative of birth control medicines, Nuvaring comes in a small plastic ring which is flexible enough to easily place in the vagina or remove whenever necessary. When inserting, it has to be put correctly for best use.

How to use it?

To insert a NuvaRing:

  • Clean your hands properly and let them dry
  • The ring is to be held between index finger and thumb.
  • Press in the vaginal ring
  • Squat/lie down/ stand on one leg as per your convenience
  • Insert the ring inside the vagina and push it in.
  • Let the ring be placed in that position for three weeks.
  • While removing the ring, carefully pull the ring out with your index finger.

How does it work?

  • When you insert the Nuvaring in the vagina, it releases estrogen and progestin.
  • The hormones block the eggs from leaving the ovaries.
  • This eventually thickens the cervical mucus
  • As a result of this, sperm does not reach the eggs preventing pregnancy.
  • The Nuvaring is typically worn for three weeks following which is it removed to let menstruation cycle occur.
  • Regular menstruation takes place within 2-3 days after the removal of the vaginal ring.
  • The woman can insert a new ring after a week as done before.

Planning your pregnancy:

When you stop using the vaginal ring, you can become pregnant once. Having said that, it takes 1-2 months to get back to the regular menstruation cycle like it was before. In case a woman had irregular periods earlier, she may take more time for around 6 months or more to regularize her menstruation cycle.

Side Effects:

  • Discomfort when inserted
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Blood clot issues
  • Mood changes
  • Rash
  • Changes in appetite
  • Vaginal Discharge

Also, other cases include irritation to the vagina or cervix, weight gain, infections, headache amongst which are similar to the birth control medication side effects.

However, side effects get cured within 2-3 months, and none of them are permanent.

One can easily buy nuvaring online to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. When used correctly, the vaginal ring is 99% effective and does the work of birth control medication. It’s best for women who forget to take the pill every day since the ring once inserted, the woman does not have to worry about her birth control care until 13 days. When you place the ring at the time, it starts working immediately.

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How Taking Birth Control Pills Can Keep Cramps at Bay

birth control pills

Even some females tell birth control pills side effect as cramping; the medicines usually help decrease or eradicate period pain. When cramping takes place, it’s normally temporary and related to hormone changes. There are certain thing that takes place and what you can do about it.

How birth control pills work:

Most people buy ovral g, ovral, l, ovral, yasmin, loette, etc. as these pills are combination pills. They contain synthetic forms of the women hormones progesterone and estrogen. These hormones assist cease pregnancy by averting the development and release of an egg from your ovaries, or ovulation.  The hormone also makes thicker your cervical mucus. This makes it harder for sperm to reach an egg. The lining of the uterus is also changed to avert implantation.

Consuming your pills appropriately not only prevents pregnancy but can also help keep cramps at bay. If you take the pills late or miss them, hormone levels may change and trigger mild cramping and bleeding.

The connection between birth control pills and cramps:

While some females only experience irregular period cramping, others experience unbearable cramps every menstruation.

The secretion of prostaglandins from the glands in the womb sets off menstrual cramps. The higher the levels of this hormone, the more serious your menstrual cramps will be.

Home remedies for menstrual cramps:

Yasmin contraceptive pills and other may be prescribed to help painful menstrual cramping. As per a review, these pills are thought to diminish the amount of prostaglandins. In order, this is said to lessen blood flow and cramping. The tablets also suppress ovulation that averts any related cramping.

A randomized controlled trial found that combined birth control pills taken at regular intervals, or 21 days on and 7 days off, and those taken constantly were both efficient in treating initial menstrual pain. Yet, taking 7 days off may result to associated cramping and withdrawal bleeding. Consuming the tablets constantly proffers results in the short term.

Can anything else cause cramps?

Cramping may also be the result of an underlying medication condition. Condition that results painful menstrual cramping include:

  • Fibroids, or noncancerous growths, in the uterine wall
  • Endometriosis, a condition in which the lining of the uterus embeds outside the uterus
  • Adenomyosis, a condition in which the lining of the uterus increases into the uterine muscle wall
  • Cervical stenosis, a narrowing of the cervical opening that hinders menstrual flow
  • Pelvic inflammatory, is a pelvic infection regularly caused by sexually transmitted diseases.

Other side effects of birth control:

Majority of females adjust to contraceptive tablets with few side effects. These side effects consist of:

  • Nausea
  • Irregular periods that may or may not be accompanied by cramping
  • Headaches
  • Breast pain
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Weight gain or loss
  • When to worry about cramping

While consuming birth control tablets, majority of women experience little-to-no cramping. Few have a mild cramping for a cycle or two as their body adjust to hormone changes, however this regularly decreases or ceases completely.

The takeaway:

It’s possible to get cramps on contraceptive, particularly in the first cycle or so. For most females, contraceptive tablets ease cramping or cease it in total. When they are taken right, contraceptive pills should not result into cramping or worsen the cramping. You must consult your physician if your experience persistence or serious cramping.