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How To Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy?

How you respond to an unwanted pregnancy determines your future course of events. It isn’t easy but the decision has to be thoughtful and not taken in a rush. Also, pregnancy-like symptoms experienced by women may or may not necessarily show an actual conception result. One should always be assured of the pregnancy status. You need not even go to a doctor if you are uncomfortable with this issue. Instead, buy preg test kit online and confirm your pregnancy.


  • Not using any protection during the intercourse
  • Failure of protection during the intercourse
  • Rape
  • Vaginal contact with semen through other ways

To take a wise decision and deal with the unwanted pregnancy, here’s what you can do:

Discuss it with your partner:

The unintended pregnancy need not always be a worrisome situation. If you discuss it with your partner, you can plan your future events as per your priorities. Not discussing it with anyone and ending up taking wrong methods to terminate an unwanted pregnancy can lead to severe health risks. You need to educate yourselves regarding the possible solutions for the unwanted conception.

Consult an expert:

It’s always safe to consult an expert before taking any decision that can possibly affect your physical and mental health. When you buy abortion pills online, many a time, the pharma websites offer online consultation as well. Hence, before you take any decision, you can always ask such experts and get the needed consultation.

Think twice before you take any decision:

Pregnancy is not just a matter of nine months, entering the new infant in your life can change your whole world while aborting it can give you time reconsider all such things. Undergoing a medical abortion will not affect your fertility. Hence, if you buy abortion pills and end your pregnancy, you can still be fertile and get pregnant again.

If you’re certain on the decision that you do not want a child anytime soon, it is important that you buy Ovral L or similar birth control methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the future.

In case you wish to continue:

There’s nothing to worry about if you wish to continue your pregnancy. You can start taking the parenting guidance on the same. Also, there are many couples who look for child adoption. One option before you can be raising this baby in your womb and then give it a needy couple.

If you don’t wish to continue:

Terminate your pregnancy:
There are two methods of terminating a pregnancy.

  • Surgical abortion:

Pregnancy terminated through vaginal suction or using other surgical instruments is called surgical abortion. It has certain financial and health disadvantages which may be permanent at times.

  • Medical Abortion:

Medical abortion is an easy method of terminating an early pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill pack to get the pregnancy termination drug combination or you can also buy Mifeprex ( 1 pill) and Misoprostol (4 pills) separately. The drug combination makes hormonal changes in your body and terminates the unwanted pregnancy (when up to 8-10 weeks of conception). Medical abortion process is safe which has minimal temporary side effects that go on their own. This is assuredly a safe to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.



Sexual Intercourse after a medical abortion

There has been a lot of discussion amongst people on how an unintended or unwanted pregnancy has to be terminated, however, very few people know about the medical abortion care which needs to be done. Especially, speaking of sexual intercourse, there’s still confusion in the people as to when a woman can resume having sexual intercourse after a medical abortion.

This blog sheds light on the topic to help women better understand the abortion care and the precautions to be taken care of while undergoing a medical abortion.

Medical abortion:
Women who buy abortion pills online, or from the nearby stores, receive two essential medicines.

Mifepristone (200mg): It stops the growth of the pregnancy. Expected to be taken a single pill, orally with water.
Misoprostol ( 4 pills and 200mcg each): The pills cause uterine contractions and heavy vaginal bleeding to eject pregnancy contents from the body. The pills can be taken buccally or vaginally. They are expected to be in the vagina/cheek pouches for half an hour at least.

When can you start indulging in sexual activities after a medical abortion:

As you may know, the medical abortion process takes around a week to complete.  However, the time taken to completely recover from an abortion can go up to 10-14 days. Physicians or Gynecologists usually advise women to have sexual intercourse only once they are completely recovered from the abortion and as soon as they feel they ready.

When a woman undergoes a medical abortion, her vaginal area & the uterus area become sensitive due to hormonal changes in the body. In such circumstances, inserting anything into your vagina is risky. It can possibly lead to several complications. The area is open to bacterial infection which makes the healing process difficult and complicated. Not only should the woman avoid sexual intercourse but also avoid stimulating her genitals by inserting anything into the vagina.

It is important here to understand that medical abortion does not affect your future pregnancies or even the fertility. This means when you indulge in a sexual activity even after a medical abortion, you are equally fertile as you were before. Hence, when you return to your normal sexual life, kindly do not forget to take birth control measures if you do not intend to get pregnant again. You can buy Ovral G online or from any nearby store to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

When you follow the instructions properly, terminating an unintended pregnancy is not a difficult thing and you can recover from the process of abortion at the earliest. If you buy MTP kit, abortion pill pack or even Mifepristone and Misoprostol separately, the efficacy of the pills can be tested 14 days later through a pregnancy test. A lot of women all across the world administer the pills at home and get positive results.

Know your options for Abortions


The decision of ending your pregnancy is not easy. Good information and support can help you choose the best. It is essential to know the different options available to you with regards to both; the procedures and the place you can get them done from.

You may choose to terminate your pregnancy with a surgical procedure or a medication regimen. Both the methods are safe. But your choice should be based on the stage of your pregnancy and the contraindications specified.

Non-invasive methods

Medical abortion is the only non-invasive method available. It is referred to as medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) and has a success rate of about 98%. The medication for it comprises of two pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. You can buy it as the MTP kit online or at a dispensary with a prescription. The two drugs compete with the female hormones to prevent the sustenance of pregnancy.

The inner lining of the uterus thickens to support the fetus post conception. This is facilitated by the hormone, Progesterone. Mifepristone, the primary drug disrupts the functioning of this hormone. The thickened endometrial lining is thus ruptured. Mifepristone also works as an anti-glucocorticoid. Glucocorticoids are substances that nourish the fetus as it grows in the uterus. Hence, the product of conception fails to remain viable

Although the fetus is rendered unviable by a single drug, it needs to be flushed out of the uterus. To assist this expulsion is the function of Misoprostol. This drug is a synthetic prostaglandin. Natural prostaglandins are released from the action of the primary drug too. But Misoprostol works synergistically with them to enhance uterine contractions and ripen the cervix. This brings ease in the discharge of the contents through the vaginal opening.

Although this method isn’t completely predictable, it keeps you from the use of anesthesia and physical harms that can be caused by a surgery. It also takes a week on an average to bring about complete abortion.

Invasive methods

Vacuum aspiration

Vacuum aspiration is also referred to as a suction aspiration and is a minor surgical procedure. It involves the use of an apparatus to hold the uterus in place. A dilator aids dilation of the cervix. Misoprostol might be administered with the numbing medicine before the procedure to help ripen the cervix better. A dilated cervix reduces the chances of an injury to it.  The aspiration procedure may be a manual one in some geographic areas. It is usually performed using a machine. The manual process employs a syringe while the other uses a tubing called cannula. Mild vacuum is applied to rid the uterus of pregnancy contents.

If pregnancy has developed to a stage where vacuum aspiration is not able to remove the tissue completely from the uterus, a curettage procedure might be required

Dilation and curettage

Cervical preparation by dilation is done before the surgery. A general anesthesia is administered for sedation during the procedure. The surgery is performed using narrow forceps to remove the pregnancy. Intravenous medications are used to prevent infections from the sharps that are employed.

In later stages, where the embryonic stage has progressed to the fetal stage, an evacuation process might be required instead of a surgery. The surgeon uses an instrument to suction out the fetus and delivers it completely.

Why should I choose

Medical termination

  • You are less than 10 weeks (70 days) pregnant
  • The pregnancy is intrauterine
  • You are not allergic to the components (active and inactive) of the drugs
  • You must not be suffering from conditions of the heart, lungs, or liver. You should not have a chronic adrenal failure
  • You must be above 18 years of age
  • It involves no sedatives or sharps
  • You have privacy concerns

A surgery

  • You are over 10 but less than 21 weeks into gestation
  • You require medical guidance or support throughout the procedure
  • You have to breastfeed during the abortion process
  • It requires fewer visits to the clinic
  • It causes lesser cramping and bleeding.