Cytotec tablets and its many uses

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There are various medications used for medical pregnancy termination. Some are taken singularly; others need additional medicine to complete the process. Cytotec abortion pill more commonly known as misoprostol is a type of drug that is widely used with Mifeprex (mifepristone) and Methotrexate.

What is it used for?

Misoprostol helps lowering the risk of bleeding from ulcers by protecting the stomach lining by decreasing the amount of acid that comes in contact with it. Other uses of this drug are not authorized, therefore these usages should only be considered if they are prescribed by a professional. The most known use of Cytotec tablet is that it is used with other drugs to end an early pregnancy.

Other advantages are that it helps in preventing stomach ulcers especially if you have a medical history of contracting them by antibiotics such as aspirin and ibuprofen. One such use of it is for assisting childbirth, as misoprostol (especially when used vaginally) causes contractions in the womb, therefore it helps in labor induction and cervical ripening. It is also said to be useful in treating excessive bleeding after delivery.

How to use it?

Even if you have the medication information, always consult a doctor or a pharmacist on specifics of the medicine. When you buy Cytotec online, the website always gives detailed description on how to use it.

Since Dosage of the tablet varies from person to person depending upon their health and medical history, only a professional can tell you the required amount.

  • If you are using Cytotec tablet to prevent stomach ulcers, it is usually taken orally with water, four times a day, after meals and before going to bed (to minimize the threat of diarrhea).
  • If you are taking this for a medical abortion; it is recommended to take it after one day of taking mifepristone or as instructed by your doctor.
  • If you are using it to induce labor, a healthcare provider will insert it in your vagina.

What to avoid?

Suppose you are on misoprostol, then you need to avoid antacids that may contain magnesium. The combination of the two may result in causing or worsening your diarrhea; therefore in such cases you need to consult a pharmacist to choose the correct product.


Remember to keep the medicines away from pets and children. To keep these in a good condition, store them in a dry place which is away from light and moisture. It is also important to note that if the medicines are expired, properly dispose them as instructed by your pharmacist. Whether you buy Cytotec online or at a store, make sure they are in good condition and packaged properly, as storing method can affect them. Do not flush or thrown them in the drain.

In case of Overdose

If you are afraid that you may have overdosed, call poison control centre or a hospital immediately. Some of the symptoms of overdose may be seizures, irregular heartbeat, excessive dizziness and drowsiness.




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