Birth Control Methods after Medical Abortion


After pregnancy ending, you can get pregnant in about two weeks if there is a sexual activity. If you wish to prevent pregnancy, then you should take contraceptives. If you have had unprotected intercourse, and doubt you would conceive, then simply utilize Plan B birth control, which acts as emergency contraception. It is recommended to prohibit pregnancy at least for three months from the abortion.

It takes few weeks for the uterus and cervix to heal so that it is capable to support a fetus again with no risk or to a minimum- for a miscarriage. Before using any of the below given methods, speak to a doctor about your health, and only then choose the one suitable.

 1.  Injections: Birth control shots can be taken few days later to the pregnancy termination or on the same day. It will allow staying pregnancy free for duration, later to it you need to take the contraception again to avoid undesired pregnancy.

2.  Oral Tablets: Medication birth control comes at 21 or 28 day course. You must not wait for any longer than a week after abortion to start the medicines if there is scope for sexual activity. The morning-after-pill is an option in emergency situation, so you can buy Plan B online when convenient.

3.  Patches: Like sprays and medicines, you can wear a birth control patch, where the chemicals from product help stop pregnancy over a period of time.

4.  Sterilization: You can get yourself sterilized, if aborted a pregnancy no later than 3 months old. But, the measure is permanent, and you cannot get pregnant again. So think and choose.

5.  Vaginal Rings: If you are not keen on using medicines or other methods, then give a try to Nuvaring virginal ring, which is a birth control medicated product to be put in vagina,. It works similar like contraceptive pills, just that the administration method is different.

6.  Emergency Contraceptive: Taking a birth control regularly will help in family planning. However, sometimes there maybe a fear that a contraceptive did not work, or you miss using one. In such situations emergency contraception is best advice. You can order Plan B for such events so that you have an emergency birth control at hand at the need of the hour.

7.   Diaphragm or Sperimicide: Diaphragm is usually put in the body to cease chances of pregnancy. This can be done later to an abortion as well. Use condoms or spermicides, the most effective non-invasive method of protection against pregnancy. The advantage of this method is, utilize only during intercourse, and then there is no need of it.

8.   Intra-uterine Device or Implants: An intrusive and long-lasting method for birth control is an implant or insertion of intra-uterine device. This method stops mating of egg and sperm and thus causes no pregnancy occurrence. But, it is one of the least recommended options immediately after an abortion.

The mentioned methods to birth control are subjective, and may not suit all. It is suggested that you know which one will work the best as contraceptive for self, before taking any. Get a health check up performed and convey your medical history to an expert and follow doctor’s advice.

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