What you Need to eat and Drink during Medical Abortion?

By the time you are ready to take the tablets, it is recommended to take a small meal at least before using Cytotec tablet consumption. Also, keep drinking fluids, except anything recommended as herbal or alcohol. You may eat a little during the whole process if there is a need, but in case you nauseate often, then skip solid food, but stick to liquids like ale and fruit juices. If the problem persists for more than 4 to 6 hours, then call a doctor. Maintain the same precaution with diarrhea so that you are not dehydrated.

The main idea is to not pump up your stomach with junk or heavy food. As like any medical procedure, keep your diet healthy and minimum. Stay attuned to what the doctor has prescribed. If you are not sure, just ask your physician, but do not take something that makes you feel at the tip of your throat or too sleepy. This immediately cancels out intake of any recreational drugs, edibles, or other medications.

NOTE: To know which drugs can interact with abortion pills, speak to a health expert. Comfort foods are recommended, and ginger ale for getting rid of nausea. If you wish to know more, do not hesitate. You can always refer to your doctor for additional inputs about suitable diet for abortion.

Diet for Abortion- Being Healthy and Energetic

As bleeding is heavier than normal periods, and you are bound to experience few strong cramps, it is advisable to avoid foods that can maximize the blood flow or cramps. If there is no bleeding after taking the medicines, either it is sign of ectopic pregnancy or that the medicines are not working or fake. To get genuine medications, you may buy Cytotec online but from trustworthy pharmacy.

Bleeding can again make you feel tired and listless, so you can go for ‘mood boosting’ such as chocolate, or coffee. Other than healthy snacking, things you may like to include are comfortable clothes to wear that are not too constrictive, blankets, and something to read or listen to (favorite songs on play-list). Though you may buy Cytotec for medical abortion, they drug itself does not cause mood swings or irritation, the nature of the process may demand for relaxation.

Snacking and Relaxing- The Key to Comfort

While consuming water, assure it is not too cold. Try to include electrolytes, as it will level up the energy. Room temperature food and drinks are more suitable, but you may like to get a hot water bottle and heating pad to soothe the cramps. Addition o towels to sit on with long pads will certainly help soothe the blood draining. If the doctor has given nausea medicine or antibiotics, then take these as prescribed. A good painkiller is Ibuprofen, but do avoid aspirin.

Take ample rest, and eat rejuvenating fruits- like watermelon, oranges, apple etc. Do make yourself a smoothie, or ask someone to help in the process if you wish to have a help over. Keep a thermometer handy to note any fever or chills. It is normal to have a little high temperature for couple of hours, and consuming soup this time may give a ‘good’ vibe.

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