Mifeprex Pill – Early Medical Abortion Option

mifeprex pill - early medical abortion optionMifeprex also known by its generic name- Mifepristone. It is an anti-progesterone agent which is used as a pharmaceutical abortifacient to terminate a pregnancy which has not matured further than 10 weeks.

You essentially need Mifepristone and Misoprostol, to end a pregnancy medically, but you can opt for Mifeprex and Cytolog as well because both are the brand versions of the former respectively.

What is it?

Being an anti- progestogen agent, Mifeprex blocks the natural pregnancy continuing hormone [ progesterone] that is responsible for building the uterine lining that keeps the conception parts attached.

In the absence of this hormone, the embryo faces detachment. After the embryo is separated from the uterus, it is expelled from the body by uterine contractions caused by Misoprostol/ Cytolog.

How to use it?

Mifeprex is the primary abortion pill, therefore it is taken at the initial stage of the pregnancy termination procedure. Many women buy Mifeprex online for easy access, cheaper deal as well as for privacy reasons.

Along with a proper prostaglandin analogue, the full requirement for medical termination of pregnancy is complete.

  1. On day 1, take one tablet of Mifeprex [ 200 mg]. Swallow it normally. You can go about your day after this if you feel up to it. Most women don’t feel any change after first dosage.
  2. Take a break of 24-48 hours
  3. On day 2/3, take four tablets of Misoprostol / Cytolog [ 200 mcg each – 800 mcg total] and put then two by two in each cheek pouches. This is called a buccal administration. After keeping the tablets of almost 30 minutes in the mouth, swallow what’s left of them with water.

Most women start their abortion process within an hour or two after administration of the pills and are done in 6 to 7 hours. Some women may take up to a day or more for completion of the procedure.

Side effects

Mifeprex may cause some women to lightly bleed and have stomach cramps.

The most side-effects of the medical pregnancy termination come after the secondary dosage of prostaglandin analogue. Cramping and vaginal bleeding are two sure- shot affects you will feels during the second phase of the abortion. The following side effects, however may occur discriminately –

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness

This side effects may last for a day after taking the pills. If they continue to persist after 24 hours of taking misoprostol, you must immediately seek medical attention.

What precautions should one follow while taking it?

Before you buy abortion pill online or elsewhere, make sure you check if you are eligible to have a medical abortion. Some conditions required to have a termination with abortion pills are –

  • You should be within 10 weeks of gestation
  • You should have allergy to its contents
  • You shouldn’t have heart/ liver/ kidney disease
  • Avoid if you have adrenal failure
  • Avoid medical pregnancy termination if you have anemia


You lose a lot of blood during the pregnancy termination, therefore it necessary to eat foodstuffs that will be able to bring back the nutrients lost in the process. Doctors recommend having a protein, iron, calcium, whole grains, vegetables/ fruits rich diet. Meanwhile sugary foods, fast foods, soy products, high-fat content foods must be avoided.

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