Research Says: Women Might Be Able To Order Abortion Pills On Mobile

Women Might Be Able To Order Abortion Pills On MobileRecent study found that consuming the abortion pill at home is for most women. Also, they are able to order abortion pills over the phone earlier than expected.

While Trump’s win primarily presented a serious threat to people’s reproductive rights, now-a-days it seems women’s health right are winning small victories due to the inability to abolish Obamacare so far, at present with a new research whose results mark to the possibility of females having even more direct access to abortion, rather than less.

New research found that ordering abortive drugs over the phone and taking them in the comfort of your home is effective and safe. As per a study, findings were presented at the World Congress on Public Health after it predicted 1,000 women who acquired the tablets. 82% of the women who took the pills confirmed abortion without any health complications. Notably, 15% of the women could not be reached to confirm results.

It took a full 20 years for the FDA to approve physicians to intake the pregnancy termination medication to patients in person.  You go into a doctor’s clinic to confirm that you want to abort your pregnancy in the legal time frame, and you are being given the MTP KIT that contains two types of pills, the first pill mifepristone (an anti-progestational synthetic steroid, meaning it makes your uterus inhospitable to fertilized eggs). You are the sent home with the second pill named misoprostol (a prostaglandin agent that eliminates fetus from the uterus), which you take 24-48 hours later.

Research states:

Since its legalization in 2000, over 500,000 females have terminated planned pregnancies this way.  While pregnancy termination using this pill is still painful, uncomfortable and often involves severe bleeding and cramping. It is said to be far less invasive.

For women with first trimester unplanned pregnancy (up to 10 weeks), a tablet is a superior option. If it were accessible over the telephone, abortion pill cost would be very less and would make termination that much easier.  Visiting clinic for surgical procedure, during which women are often subjected to, invasive examinations, harassment, and in some cases, ultrasound of the fetus, can be traumatic.

Being able to shun that kind of discomfort would be a most required step in the right direction for women’s health care and bodily autonomy. Again, you have still got to go, however in the face of open threats by the United States government to take away our ability to make our own reproductive choices; it’s reassuring to know that a study like this goes on to turn up positive results and expectantly, in the future, more tangible options for women.

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