Is Terminating The Unplanned Pregnancy Unethical?


The term ‘abortion’ brings many diverse views and ideas to mind that varies from women’s right to their body to outright murder. Even though currently, several governments in world permit termination through abortion pills to a certain degree, huge number of crowd have debated for years whether terminating the pregnancies are ethically acceptable or not.

Is the Fetus/Embryo a Person?

  • The pregnancy is a form of life, but there is a debate around when a pregnancy becomes a being. There isn’t just one answer to this question and the answers differ depending on your personal outlook. Few common thoughts in the community include:
  • It is unclear when the conception actually takes place. Is it when the sperm penetrates into the ovum, or 6 days later when the fertilized egg beds into the lining of the womb or it is at some other stage?
  • At stimulating, this is when the first fetal movement can be felt (approx. 18-20 weeks).
  • When the pregnancy becomes feasible and can stay alive outside the woman’s body (this too is quite complicated).
  • When the greater portion or head of the embryo has been born
  • Once the woman makes a choice to pursue the pregnancy
  • When the pregnancy develops feelings, or thoughts, or consciousness
  • When god pervades or breathes soul into the embryo, baby or fetus
  • There is a range of viewpoints about whether the pregnancy is a being life form, or part of the woman’s body. Those who feel that terminating fetus is ethical do order abortion pills and seek the procedure without hesitation.
  • One viewpoint holds that while the pregnancy can be accepted as a person, and thus has inherent value, but, the embryo or fetus should not be attributed with a superior/ higher value than that of the woman, whose body supports it.


  • At times ideas about how women are ‘supposed to be’ can effect on decision making.
  • Traditionally, females have been anticipated to be altruistic and to always place others needs before their own.
  • Few of these ideas still exist at present.
  • This might be affecting you while considering your decisions, and you may be pressurizing yourself to put others first.
  • This can become even more intricate when somebody else in your life is pressuring you to make a decision based on their desires.
  • Staying linked to your views in this situation can be really hard when you care about the people that are making these needs of you.
  • A woman is in the best position to assess her own opinions based on information regarding her choices taking into account her strengths, limitations, resources and personal values and ethics. It is the woman who will be most impacted by the outcome.

Is Abortion Murder?

  • The word ‘murder’ is an official concept that describes the illegal killing of living person.
  • The law about abortion does not refer to it as murder.
  • The pregnancy can be observed either a separate human being with rights or as part of the woman’s body.
  • The anti-abortionists under any circumstances often use the term ‘murder’ to describe abortion.
  • The use of this term is illegal or medically incorrect.
  • When people describe abortion as murder they often do not let women to buy abortion pill online or otherwise, it says more about how they feel regarding pregnancy termination than what it is.


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