Terminate 10 weeks of pregnancy with cytolog alone?

You will be very happy to know that there has been solution where you can terminate your early pregnancy with a non-surgical way and also simply with cytolog (a prostaglandin tablet) alone.  Majority of females are scared of and gets irritated with surgical method of abortion, which makes them in thought whether to terminate pregnancy or not. Surgery really makes the women quite afraid in terminating their pregnancy since surgery involves equipments in the process which is very painful.

Cytolog available online:

In earlier days surgical abortion was the only option for women but today in this advancing world person has come up with pregnancy cancellations through medication. Other than cytolog, medicines such as Mifepristone, Mifeprex, Misoprostol, etc. are also being used in medical abortion technique. You can even order cytolog online at a very affordable price to end the conceiving without involving any invasive techniques. The medicine admitted best to conclude less than 10 weeks of pregnancy. The success rate of cytology pill is about 75-86%, the less is your gestational period more is the success rate of ending pregnancy. You are made available with the pill on various online pharmacies with day and night service providing many discounts and offers on the medicine. The tablet has been introduced for the women who are 18 & above and wishes to get end the maternity with non-invasive procedure.

Abortion by cytolog pill is a helping hand for you in order to terminate your pregnancy at home itself without letting it know to others. You may also get prescription for the dosage of this pregnancy cancellation pill on the internet pharmacies. If you wish to end pregnancy with cytology alone, you can take 12 pills of 200mcg each either in your cheek pouches (buccally) or vaginally. The process has to be started severely under medical direction.

  • Buccal administration:
  • Intake four tablets together in your mouth (two pills between teeth and cheek each side) every time.
  • Wait for 3-4 hours and let the tablets dissolve naturally.
  • Repeat the dosage.
  • Again wait for three to four hours.
  • Repeat the process.
  • In all 12 tablets are to be taken if you’re taking cytology alone.


  • Ø Vaginal administration:
    • Gently insert four capsules inside your vagina. Only push inside till your fingers reaches.
    • Lie down on bed, rest and relax for half an hour.
    • After three to four hours, repeat the dosage and again wait for 3-4 hours. Again insert the last four capsules.
    • The cancellation process usually starts within 5 hours of taking the pills. However, it happens before 5 hours in many cases.
    • Vaginal insertion method starts the process quicker.
    • Even so, doctor does generally recommend you with oral method for safety purposes.

How secure is cytology abortion pill?

However, the medical ending of motherhood up to 49 days gestation comprises the active elements called prostaglandin hormone (misoprostol). You may face some side effects such as heavy bleeding, nausea and uterine cramping which are very rare if you take cytolog without prescription. After completion of abortion procedure, go to nearby clinic and get ultrasound of your womb done to check whether the pregnancy parts are expelled out of the body completely.


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