Access to safe Abortion- Provide choices for HIV/AID patients

In many parts of the country where HIV rate is high, number of unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortion has also been high. As per the report, approximately 2.5 million women worldwide who have become pregnant are HIV positive. Some organizations of AIDS states that these women are being given very less attention for the termination of pregnancy.

HIV-positive women face number of difficulties in obtaining safe, legal, and affordable abortive services. There is a need to seek HIV-counseling and testing for women concerning induced and post-abortion care. People living with HIV can buy abortion pill online as long as there are not getting sicker, HIV patients are on anti-retroviral medicines, and their health is otherwise good.

Some facts about abortive services for HIV:

Most of the HIV-patients want to avoid their pregnancy for the same reason as that of other women, but they also do not want to infect their partners through unprotected intercourse. They are mainly worried about the effects of pregnancy on their health and moreover, on their future child. According to researcher’s point of view HIV-patients have more risk of disease following unsafe pregnancy termination than the HIV-negative women.

Studies in some countries like Zimbabwe and Thailand showed that lack of access and information regarding legal abortion prevents HIV-positive women from cancelling a pregnancy. They also stated that HIV/AIDS patients should be able to implement their rights to decide whether and when to have children.

Support for HIV-infected pregnant women:

The decision for HIV-positive patients whether to terminate a pregnancy or not is associated with the history of previous pregnancy cancellations in Scotland and USA. It is found that politicians in most of the countries avoid addressing the sensitivity of abortion. For instance, in some developing countries maternal health services for the treatment of post-abortion complications are rated as second lowest political priority. Due to which many HIV-positive females lack in accessing information regarding pregnancy termination.

Hence, pro-choice protesters have put-forth that there is a need to make such females available with the access safe abortive services. The policies must respect with the decision of HIV-positive women whether to continue with pregnancy or terminate it. It is solely and wholly her right to make decision similar to those with HIV-negative. The newsletter calls for guaranteeing reproductive rights like safe abortion access to be included along with other health care services for HIV-infected such as:

  • They should be easily made available to buy abortion pills online through online pharmacies or other medical sources.
  •  There must be neutral and comprehensive pregnancy counseling for females living with HIV.
  • A study is required on unintended pregnancy termination needs and providing abortion care.
  • HIV-positive pregnant females have right to receive information related to all reproductive options.
  • Reproductive counseling should refrain from interpretation but encourage the patient to talk freely.
  • Abortive servicers should be aware of the complex concerns that HIV patients must consider while making decision concerning reproductive choice and should support them for decision they take.



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