Politics of pro-choice movement in U.S

Woman’s right to terminate pregnancy is purely encouraged through pro-choice movement. In 1973, the term was invented during the ruling time of Roe vs. Wade, where the US Supreme Court gave liberty largely to do abortion openly. The phrase was being emphasized by the advocates for the woman’s choice and to oppose pro-life movement. The pro-choices believe that mothers should have control over their bodies as a fundamental human right. This has lead in increasing awareness about medical abortion. Hence, number of women buy abortion pill to terminate early pregnancy.

One Presidential candidate in U.S. stated that there is a big difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion. Pro-choices create a trust in an individual to make the decision for herself and her family. Women should not delegate their decision to anyone who holds the power of government authority in any regards. So, according to him pro-choice supporters should not be called as pro-abortion.


Number of Movements has been taken place since 1920 to legalize abortion in the world. USSR was the first country to do it following by the other countries like Japan, U.K, and some Eastern countries. In United States the Woman’s Right Movement started in 1850’s. A news report in 1888 was seen in The Chicago Times in which a controversial topic regarding abortion was firmly placed in public arena. This triggered fresh debate in U.S. A certain American Contraceptive Association (1921) supported abortion in certain cases. Later, in 1930’s large number of debates took place at medical conferences as the doctors wanted to make some changes in the law. The American Law Institute than broadened the definition of legal abortion in 1950’s. Mississippi in 1966 became the first US state who made lawful abortion for rape victims and was later followed by California and Colorado in 1960’s and 1970’s respectively. Along with them 16 more other states joined and allowed abortion in particular circumstances.

Current situation:

In recent years the stigma of abortion has severely diminished and hence, women can now freely end their unwanted pregnancy of within 10weeks through medication. To do this they can buy abortion pills online through various online pharmacies.

The pro-choice movements have really helped women to get their reproductive rights. Many activists involved in such movements have helped the U.S. females to take right decision concerning abortion. If the pregnancy is trimester (within 10-12 weeks) they even suggest them to do abortion through medication being a quick and safest method. This allows women to terminate their pregnancy at their convenient places. For this they can either buy abortion pill online or through nearby drug store.

Presently, the abortion is legal in U.S. but is restricted to some amount in certain states. Laws have been passed by the state to limit delayed abortion. This includes notification to parents of minors and revelation of abortion risk information to woman and her family before the procedure is compulsory.

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