Is Terminating The Unplanned Pregnancy Unethical?

The term ‘abortion’ brings many diverse views and ideas to mind that varies from women’s right to their body to outright murder. Even though currently, several governments in world permit termination through abortion pills to a certain degree, huge number of crowd have debated for years whether terminating the pregnancies are ethically acceptable or not. […]

Women Denied Access to Abortive Services, Endure Mental Health Issues: Study

People’s assumption that having the pregnancy termination brings on negative mental and emotional health effects for females has been used as the basis for law-enactment to mandate counseling and limit access to abortion in some states. According to a renowned abortion institute in the United States, which studies the reproductive health issues, 9 states have […]


Most of the cases of abortion you see and hear about are due to unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. While this is true, there is a smaller section of women where making the decision end a pregnancy is out of her hands, isolating and extremely distressing for herself as well as for those around her. Most […]

Terminate 10 weeks of pregnancy with cytolog alone?

You will be very happy to know that there has been solution where you can terminate your early pregnancy with a non-surgical way and also simply with cytolog (a prostaglandin tablet) alone.  Majority of females are scared of and gets irritated with surgical method of abortion, which makes them in thought whether to terminate pregnancy […]

Access to safe Abortion- Provide choices for HIV/AID patients

In many parts of the country where HIV rate is high, number of unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortion has also been high. As per the report, approximately 2.5 million women worldwide who have become pregnant are HIV positive. Some organizations of AIDS states that these women are being given very less attention for the termination […]

Politics of pro-choice movement in U.S

Woman’s right to terminate pregnancy is purely encouraged through pro-choice movement. In 1973, the term was invented during the ruling time of Roe vs. Wade, where the US Supreme Court gave liberty largely to do abortion openly. The phrase was being emphasized by the advocates for the woman’s choice and to oppose pro-life movement. The […]

Cytolog tablets and its many uses

There are various medications used for medical pregnancy termination. Some are taken singularly; others need additional medicine to complete the process. Cytolog abortion pill more commonly known as misoprostol is a type of drug that is widely used with Mifeprex (mifepristone) and Methotrexate. What is it used for? Misoprostol helps lowering the risk of bleeding […]

Plan B Birth Control- Complete Pregnancy Prevention

Emergency contraceptive or EC pill are one of ways to oral treatment in preventing a pregnancy. Not all women can however find it effective, especially the ones more than 170 pounds as reported by a research. Otherwise, the medicine is quite successful, and causes a cessation in ovulation, fertilization and implantation thus no conception can […]

How to Take Informed Decision about Abortion?

After you understand that a complete pregnancy is not what you are looking for, you need to know how to consciously take decision for terminating pregnancy without upsetting yourself. Yes, this can be done, and you can buy abortion pill without feeling crestfallen or regretting your call later. Please read the following conditions and precautions […]